Registration and Enrollment will be July 25 & July 26 for 7-12.

Students 7-12 grades must come in to see Mrs. Cayton during the following scheduled times:

Monday, July 25 th at the High School

Seniors 8am-9:15am

Juniors 9:30am-10:45am

Sophomores 12:30pm-1:45pm

Freshman 2pm-3:15pm

Tuesday, July 26th at the Elementary

8th Graders 8am-9:45am

7th Graders 10am-11:45am

IMPORTANT FOR PARENTS: Parents will be able to Register their children online for all the lengthy paperwork (you may still need to come into the school for a few small things)! Hopefully, we are saving you some time with the new online registration…and you can do the online registration at your convenience, day or night!!

Parents please make sure you have your WenGage Guardian Portal active before registration.

If you do not have a Guardian Portal please request to get one by going to then scroll down to parents, click on gradebook, scroll down to New User? and click on Request account. Please only do Request account ONE time! It will automatically be sent to me at the school and we will finish setting your portal up after we link it to your children. You will receive an email with activation instructions once we have it set up! PLEASE give us 24-48 hours to get it set up, email me after 48 hours if you have NOT received an activation email! When you open your Guardian Portal for the first time, if you do not see ALL of your children, please email me at  DO NOT request another new account!

Once you have the Guardian Portal active, when we release registration, there will be a Student Records Portal (See picture) and that is where you will register your children. You must fully complete one child before moving to the next child.  (So, if they are new students have their birth certificate, social security card, and shot records ready to upload!)

Thank you for being patient as we go online! We are ALL learning a new system…you and BCPSD!! 馃槉