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Boise City Public School District is proud to announce a partnership with T-Mobile to provide free, wireless internet to students taking part in the national school lunch program as part of T-Mobile’s Project 10 million. T-Mobile has promised to provide these hotspots for up to 5 years for students in our district. 

Each device will come with 100 GB of data per year and comes included with a web filter to prevent students from accessing inappropriate content. These devices are intended to be used as an online homework solution for students that do not presently have access to reliable internet at home. Netflix, Hulu, etc., are all blocked out of the box. Once the annual 100 GB is used up, the device will not have more data until the next year, when another 100 GB will be available. As such, it is imperative that these devices are only used by students for school related purposes.

If you are interested in receiving one of these devices, please pick up and return a form to the school office, or fill out a form in your child's Thursday folder.