Boise City Public School is seeking a qualified and certified applicant to fill the position of Junior High & High School English Teacher for the 2021-2022 school year. 


Job Description


The English teacher is employed to teach English education courses offered by the Boise City district and approved by the State Department of Education. These courses could include 7th Grade ELA, 8th Grade ELA and English I-IV in the High School. The right person for this position will be well versed in all the different areas of ELA and will strive to provide a rigorous classroom environment with high educational expectations.  Students that graduate from Boise City High School should have a solid foundational knowledge of English and have developed the ability to become independent, inquisitive thinkers due in part to the English instruction received here.


Application Requirements

Please send resume, transcripts and copy of certification to:


Mr. Bob Cochran

PO Box 1116

Boise City, OK 73933


Or email to: bob.cochran@bcpsd.org


Direct any questions to Mr. Cochran at 580-544- 3110