Revised Cell Phone Policy

Cell Phone Policy

To receive a quality and thorough education all distractions must be put aside. Students must be attentive to the teacher’s lectures and the studies that are given to them every day. In an effort to accomplish the educational goals for our students at Boise City Schools, the administration has incorporated a new cell phone policy. This policy is geared to put focus back on education and away from distractions such as cell phones. Along with being a distraction to the learning environment cell phones are also being used as mechanisms to cheat in classes and to bully students. This behavior is unacceptable and measures must be taken to protect students and maintain quality education for the students at BCHS.

Students are allowed to have their phones during breakfast and lunch time. At the bells to close breakfast and lunch students must power down their cellular devices and place them in their bags or lockers.
If a student is found to be using their device anytime other than those specified above they will be subject to disciplinary actions.

First offense- The student will turn their cellular device into the office every morning and pick it up every afternoon after school.

Second offense- In the case that a student is turning in a dummy phone to the office or is caught with another cellular device, the student will receive three days Out of School Suspension (OSS).

Third offense- In the case of a third offense, disciplinary action could lead to expulsion of the student.