IMPORTANT:  Please be sure to complete Online Registration for ALL PK-12 students by 3:30pm on Tuesday, August 9th.

Log into your parent WenGage account. (If you do not have an account see instructions further down!)
When logged into your Parent WenGage you will see a Portal portal and a Records Portal. 
You should see all your children. (If you do not see all of them please email Please, DO NOT ADD NEW STUDENT unless they are a PK or actual New student to the district!)
Begin filling out your children's REQUIRED forms. (Optional Forms are at your discretion.)
Be sure to submit at the end of a student. 
If you get errors, correct them. If you can't figure the error out, email Tangee Cayton or call the school. 

If parents do not have a WenGage Guardian Portal please request to get one by going to then scroll down to parents, click on gradebook, scroll down to New User? and click on Request account. 

Please only do Request account ONE time! 

It will automatically be sent to the school and we will finish setting your portal up after we link it to your children. You will receive an email with activation instructions once we have it set up! PLEASE give us 24-48 hours to get it set up, email me after 48 hours if you have NOT received an activation email! When you open your Guardian Portal for the first time, if you do not see ALL of your children, please email me at  DO NOT request another new account!
Once your account is active you will be able to see a Student Records Portal and that is where you will register your children. You must fully complete one child before moving to the next child. Complete all REQUIRED documents. Optional Documents are at your discretion.  
If the student is a new student be sure to have their birth certificate, social security card, and shot records ready to upload!
If you do not see your student in the Records Ports PLEASE DO NOT ADD NEW STUDENT call or email Tangee Cayton!!